SALSA & BACHATA Workshop with Brandon Odom

June 21, 2015 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Tranzend Studio 417 W Santa Fe Ave, Flagstaff

$35.00 in advance

$45.00 day of


Brandon is in his 7th year of dancing and has taught classes and workshops across the country and in Afghanistan.

Brandon’s uniquely smooth style is well-suited for fun social dancing and he imparts the essential techniques both leads and follows need to ensure their maximum enjoyment on the social dance floor.

The 3 hour workshop will consist of ultra smooth Salsa partner work, primarily On2 but accommodating On1 dancers as well. Students will learn how to glide across the floor.

In the second session students will learn Brandon’s unique flavor of Bachata which emphasizes the connection with your partner, Sensual Style moves combined with fun footwork and keeping musicality at the forefront.